Collaboration funding

South Africa – Sweden University Forum in collaboration with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET) features funding for collaboration projects between research groups in Sweden and South Africa.

The funding is reserved for researchers (including their research groups) who participate in the South Africa – Sweden Research & Innovation Week.

Researchers can choose to apply for funding from SASUF only or from SASUF and DHET.

The first call for applications will open in May.

The requirements and priorities for the funding can be found in the table below:

Max. funding 50.000 SEK (80.000 ZAR) 100.000 SEK (160.000 ZAR)
Linked to SDG:s Mandatory Mandatory
Use of interactive platform Mandatory Mandatory
Involve researchers from at least 2 SE + 2 SA universities Mandatory Mandatory
Plan for joint supervision of PhD / Master students Priority Priority
Co-funding Priority Priority
Capacity development of staff/PhD:s Mandatory